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Would you like to know more about the RealCare Baby, before you purchase?

Our Total Parenting Experience Webinar will demonstrate how each of our RealCare Simulators will benefit your students.

Looking into purchasing RealCare Babies for your School / Organisation? Why not join one of our TOTAL PARENTING EXPERIENCE WEBINARS where we will detail each of our Simulators and describe how they will benefit your students.

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Virtual Know How - Free - Online Training

We offer, two free, pre-recorded webinars that will help you to understand your RealCare Baby better.

RealCare Baby FIRST STEPS Webinar:

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the RealCare Baby and it's equipment
  • Charging Baby
  • Adding Baby to the Control Centre Software
  • Run a classroom Demonstration
  • Program Baby with the Control Centre Software
  • RealCare Baby Self-Service Centre
CLICK HERE to view the RealCare Baby FIRST STEPS Webinar

RealCare Baby UP and RUNNING Webinar:

Topics include:

  • Baby Basics Review
  • Getting the best out of your Babies
  • Training your students how to get the best from thier babies
  • Working with Baby's reports
  • Performing a troubleshooting test
  • RealCare Baby Self-Service Centre
CLICK HERE to view the RealCare Baby UP and RUNNING Webinar


Standard Baby (Generation 4)
Released 1996
No longer supported or repaired

Realistic Head Support Baby (Generation 5)
Released 1998
No longer supported or repaired

Orginal RealCare Baby
Released 1999
No longer supported or repaired

RealCare II Infant Simulators
Released 2004,
Discontinued 12/2013
Repairs and support discontinued 2017

Real Care II Plus Infant Simulators
Released 2006
Discontinued 2013
Discontinued support /repairs for models sold before 2011 in 2017
Discontinue support and repairs for models sold between 2011-2013 in 2020

Hand Held Contorl Units (Blue and Orange)
Released 1999, 2004
Discontinued 2013
No longer supported or repaired

It has been found, due to aging technology, the above products and replacement parts are getting increasingly harder to support and maintain.

For this reason it has been decided it is no longer viable for repairs to be carried out on RealCare II, RealCare II plus infant Simulators purchased before Jan1, 2011.

RealCare II plus Infant Simulators purchased between 2011-2013 will be repaired until January 1, 2020; however, the customer accepts there is risk of further failure, not able to be identified at time of initial repair that may incur further costs and end in the inability to repair.

It is recommended plans to replace RealCare II and RealCare II Plus infant simulators with the current model be put in place to avoid interruption to the program, student assessments and loss of experiencing life with a baby.

Information regarding discontinuation of these products and recommendations to plan for replacement of older simulators has been available and supplied to customers since 2013

Where necessary, we have a small stock of RealCare II plus infant simulators available for hire, should this be required in the interim period.

Having a problem with your RealCare Baby 3?

The first place to start is with our RealCare Baby 3 Self-Service Centre

By answering a few quick questions you will solve the issue you are having with your Baby or you will be able to determine if you need tp contact Virtual Know How for assistance.


The RealCare Baby Self-Service Centre is not phone friendly and is best viewed on a Tablet or Computer

CLICK HERE to sign into the RealCare Baby Self-Service Centre

Haven't been able to solve your issue?

You have checked out the webinars and the RealCare Self-Support Centre and haven't been able to solve the issue?

You can book a personal support call at a date and time that suits you.

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